Zoo Concert

by Marko Simsa

An interactive musical adventure journey for children
To be a zoo director you don’t need a permit from the Vienna Zoo Schönbrunn. A hands-on fairy tale for curious discoverers!

Bring the stuffed animals of little Rosalie to life! The colourful fantasy world invites you to sing, dance and clap. The zoo concert based on Marko Simsa’s children’s book will take you on a musical adventure. An exciting hands-on fairytale awaits curious discoverers.

Bedtime is not easy for Rosalie today. She is not tired yet and so she opens a big zoo in her bed. All her stuffed animals are there. While the penguin waddles over the edge of the bed, the elephant enthusiastically trumpets the elephant trumpet fanfare. The frog croaks heartily to the frog polka and claps the rhythm to it. Cow and pig fall in love and a cheeky parrot is also part of this musical event in Rosalie’s bedroom.

Marko Simsas „zookonzert“

The lovely story based on Marko Simsa’s children’s book comes to life on the virtual stage. With illustrations by Silke Brix and the music of Erke Duits.