Stringtelligence by Thomastik Infeld

Temporary exhibition until March 31, 2020

In the glass-roofed inner courtyard at HdM.

With STRINGTELLIGENCE Thomastik-Infeld offers exceptional insights into the science of its high-performance music strings and shares useful tricks of the trade to help you optimize your own play and perform at your best. The thematic focus ranges from trend-setting string developments to 100 years of company history – there is a lot to hear, see and experience!

At various installations, visitors can take a look behind the complex science of a string and discover expert tips about strings and performance from Thomastik­lnfeld’s artist family. Visitors will find answers to questions such as „Why is tuning weight important?“, „How is a string constructed?“, „How do I tame a wolf tone?“ or „How do I reduce the whistling of my E-string?“. The cabinet exhibition is free and open until March 31, 2020 at Vienna’s Sound Museum.

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