Support our music educational programs for children

The Corona pandemic has hit us just as hard as it did most of us – especially in the world of arts and culture. We were closed for almost 12 weeks – without visitors, without income. Even though we are partially subsidised, our loss is tremendous and we will have to cut back on our programs even more in order to get through the year.

One thing though I am not willing to cut back on are our music educational programs for children. We have invested a lot of time, love, money and expertise over the last years and developed some very popular, highly professional and fun programs for kids. And they love it!

We deeply believe that investing into any kind of education for our children is a fundamental investment into all of our future. We at the Haus der Musik want to continue these special programs for kids and would therefore like to ask you for your support. Every contribution is highly appreciated and helps enormously.

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support of our work. Now and in the future.
Sincerely Yours,

Simon K. Posch, Managing director at Haus der Musik

Your donation to Haus der Musik is tax deductible. Donations are automatically tax-deductible and you no longer need to state your donation in your employee assessment or tax return. We will report your donation to the tax office. For this purpose we need your first and last name as well as your date of birth. The data on your first and last name must correspond to the data on your registration form. Your e-mail address is used exclusively for the purpose of contacting you in case of any queries.

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