Special exhibition: Hommage à Beethoven

Márton Barabás: Hommage à Beethoven

With the new special exhibition “Hommage à Beethoven” (September 11, 2020 to March 21, 2021) Haus der Musik, in cooperation with WIENBEETHOVEN2020, presents artworks by the Hungarian sculptor and painter Márton Barabás – impressive objects on the verge of hearing and seeing. Having specialized in the poetry of the piano, he presents sculptures, book objects and painted piano lids in celebration of Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday.

Time and again Barabás returns to Beethoven’s vast piano oeuvre, such as through the creation of an artist’s multiple: on exhibit are transparent relief-sculptures of the composer’s face, permitting visitors to put themselves in the genius’ place and see the world through his eyes.
Barabás’ book sculptures – compositions of objects embedded into books – capture how the audible transgresses into the visible. The artist speaks of a kind of second voice, which seemingly steps out from the pages and is experienced visually.

Transferring music’s poetics into the visual is the motive that, like a red thread, winds itself through Barabás’ work. The objects’ and paintings’ fine aesthetics speak for themselves: they are universal while at the same time personal, akin to the music they are built on.
As such, the sculptures appear to be dancing in the room and the piano lids, like windows, open onto abstract soundscapes.


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