NEUE WIENER LIEDER: Poetry, Provocation, Pop

A cabinet exhibition at Haus der Musik, from May 31 2019.

What would Vienna be without the famous Wienerlied with its playful melodies, melancholy and often deep black humour? The fact that the Wienerlied, whether in its traditional form or successfully mixed with current pop trends, is far from being a thing of the past is demonstrated in the special exhibition Neue Wiener Lieder, „New Viennese Songs,“ from 31 May 2019 at Haus der Musik. With historical record covers, original instruments by Wienerlied artists, stage props, anecdotes and many musical examples, the show ranges from the history of the modern Viennese song to well-known Viennese artists such as Ernst Molden and Die Strottern and illuminates the revival of the famous song genre.

Vienna is a city that treasures and cultivates its own musical genre: the Viennese song

Vienna is a city of many faces, many legends and an inherent culture, an important part of which is the Wienerlied or Viennese Song. Dating back to the 1800s, it is still being cultivated in multifaceted ways. While the traditional Viennese song is often dismissed as being old fashioned,  it is hard to kill as young musicians have, in recent times, successfully brought the genre into the present thanks to their various original ideas.

The mirror of a society subject to change

The Viennese song’s strengths have always been irony, humour and zeitgeist—in many cases also social criticism. Although, today, this is often expressed in a different musical language,  the original foundation of the Viennese Song remains – still holding a mirror up to us. This development is at the heart of this exhibition.

Poetry Provocation Pop

Exhibition: May 31 – October 13, 2019
Ausstellungsort: Inner courtyard at Haus der Musik

Curator: Klaus Totzler (Vienna Songwriting Association)