The Music Education Team presents itself

Skilled and specialized, the guides at Haus der Musik are happy to take you on a journey and explore the exhibition during an individual tour. You can experience the sound museum guided by experts who will show you all of the tour’s interactive highlights and sound experiments and tell you all about the Great Masters.

Wendi Gessner

Born in 1985 and raised in Graz, Wendi Gessner works in Vienna, both as music mediator at Haus der Musik and as an independent artist.

After graduating as media composer in 2011, she produced theatre pieces in various formations for children and youth, e.g. in Austria with “Dschungel Wien” and in Germany with Staatstheater Oldenburg and Staatsheater Mainz. Composition, arrangement, musical direction and coaching for actors, live-music, sound-design, acting, puppetry, songwriting and graphic design/ illustration are the main areas she focused on in course of her theatre projects.

Since 2010 Wendi Gessner has also been a songwriter in her band Wende Punkt. In Germany and Austria, she performs as singer and accordionist/ pianist together with her other four band members. She spends her spare time painting, doing graphic design and the composing songs for adults and children.

Elisabeth Albrecht

Born in Vienna, Elisabeth Albrecht is a qualified kindergarten- and afternoon school teacher with many years of professional experience. In addition, she was instructed in classical singing by Petra Chiba at Vocal Art Studio. She gathered valuable performance experience participating in the opera/operetta course at Kunst Volkshochschule Vienna (e.g. as Rosalinde/ „Die Fledermaus“ or Agathe/The Marksman“).

During her engagement at „Kinderoper Papageno“, she went on tour through Germany and Austria. Further, she was able to demonstrate her organisational talent as assistant director at several children’s opera productions of Jennersdorfer Kulturherbst.

In order to support her vocal and pedagogical activities further on a theoretical level, she entered yet another formation and studied musicology at the University of Vienna.

Since 2010 Elisabeth Albrecht has been working at the sound museum „Haus der Musik“ as music- and culture mediator. Besides that, she keeps performing as a singer e.g. at regular concerts of „Imperial Orchestra“.

Elisabeth Albrecht in a conversation about music mediation for children and teenagers with Clara Neubert, a Podcast on Jonamag.