2nd Floor – Sonotopia

Take a trip into sound. Discover the diverse origins of sound.

The second floor is dedicated to discovering and experiencing sound phenomena. How is sound produced? What are sounds made of and how can they turn into music? How does the human body perceive sound und music? The second floor will not only answer these questions, it also offers a variety of musical experiments and interactive exhibits!


Sound and noise are constant companions in our lives. Listen carefully as you walk through this room and discover that, often, completely different sounds, which seem to have remote origins, show remarkable similarities.

Physics of Sound & Sound Phenomena

Here, you learn everything about the physical properties of sound. The first experiment is Kundt’s tube, with which you can actually see sound waves of different frequencies.
If you have ever wondered what a foetus can hear in the womb or how different animals perceive music, the next exhibit will leave you stunned.
Also, different sound phenomena like the Shepard tone can be discovered here.

Instrumentarium. Experience sound production on oversized instruments.

Sound and music are produced on numerous, often very different, instruments. Usually the instruments are divided into four categories: aerophones (wind instruments), chordophones (stringed instruments), membranophones (skin-sounding instruments) and idiophones (self-sounding instruments). Here you can explore how the production of sound works and experience for yourself how sound is created on the different instruments.