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175 Years Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra

The composer and Director Otto Nicolai (1810-1849) had his apartment here, in the currently Haus der Musik, as he founded in 1842 the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. This link was the reason why the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra moved its Historical archive to HAUS DER MUSIK. The scientific documentation of the world famous orchestra is pursued here and made accessible to the public.

As well as various visual exhibits, the historic setting of the adjacent Nicolai Room also houses a special document of Austrian musical and cultural history: the Vienna Philharmonic‘s. „founding decree“, together with the program from the first Philharmonic Concert (28 March 1842), the first photo of the orchestra (1864) and pictures of Otto Nicolai, Georg and Joseph Hellmesberger and others who played an important role in founding the orchestra and during the first decades of its existence.

THE NAME OF THE VIENNA PHILHARMONIC IS CLOSELY ASSOCIATED WITH THAT OF OTTO NICOLAI. This great composer, whose extensive works are still popular today, particularly the comic opera „The Merry Wives of Windsor“, became „Principal Conductor“ at the Court Opera in Vienna in 1841. His artistic activities also gave rise to the idea of organizing concerts to- gether with the musicians of the Court Opera orchestra. On 28 March 1842, the members of the Vienna Court Opera orchestra perfor- med for the rst time under the leadership of Otto Nicolai as the concert‘s sole organizer, and immediately became the „Philharmonic Concerts“. Nicolai is therefore regarded as the founder of the Vienna Philharmonic.

In 1860, the „Philharmonic Subscription Concerts“ were introduced, initially four, and then eight per season. During the ten years until 1870, these concerts were held in the former opera house, the Kärntnertortheater. During this time, the conductor was Otto Dessoff, who also conducted the rst subscription concert in the Great Hall of the newly constructed Vienna Musikverein building on 3 November 1870. The Philharmonic had therefore found a permanent home. Almost forty years later, on 19 June 1908, the „Vienna Philharmonic Association“ was ofcially founded.

In the specifically equipped concert hall on the museum's first floor, visitors can experience the highlights of the Viennese New Year's Concert and the Schönbrunn Summer Night Concert. Highest audio-visual quality and a festive ambiance allow you to dive in and experience this exceptional cultural events as if you had been there in person. The Best-Of versions will be screened every full hour, from 10am to 9pm daily.

At Haus der Musik, visitors also get the unique opportunity to conduct the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra themselves, as “Virtual Conductors”.

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